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CT Cottey Bed and Breakfast

Thanks goes to a lower Fairfield County Chapter member for the fantastic idea of a “B&B style” program for Connecticut students wishing to travel to Cottey for visits (i.e. C4Yourself weekends). It has been determined that airfares from LaGuardia (LGA) are significantly less expensive than from Bradley in Hartford. There are also direct flights from LGA to Kansas City which are not available from Bradley. Chapters with members that would like to participate by offering a bed or driving students, our chaperone and/or parents to LaGuardia, please contact your Cottey Council Liaison. 

The option may also be available to current students wishing to return home for holidays and breaks.  By giving our students this less expensive option of travel, along with P.E.O. transport to and from LGA and one night housing for those returning to Cottey, the college may seem that much closer to home. 

For more information please contact the state Cottey Chairman ccc@ctpeo.org.






The C4Yourself weekend is a campus visit for senior and junior girls interested in Cottey.  The girls get the chance to visit classes, talk with students and faculty, sleep in a dorm and eat in the fabulous Cottey dining hall.  Chapter chairmen are invited to chaperone, or if the chairman is unavailable perhaps another member of the chapter would be.  Please mention this wonderful opportunity at your next chapter meeting.

As chaperone, you would coordinate with the girls who are attending the weekend, assist in the reservation of their flights, and drive the girls from the airport in Kansas City, MO, to Cottey (and back, of course) in a rental car.  While the girls stay on campus, you stay in a nearby hotel and visit the campus during the day.  Your expenses – flight, hotel and car rental – are covered by the Cottey Coupon Fund. 

P.E.O. sisters support Cottey in so many ways, but rarely get to actually visit.  This is an opportunity to see what it’s really like and gives you first-hand knowledge to share with your chapter and girls interested in Cottey and their parents.  If you or someone in your chapter would like to be a chaperone or are interested in learning more, please CONTACT US.

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Want a taste of what Cottey's Food Service is like, or Suite Life, or Academics?  View these short U-Tube videos to explore Cottey life.  Just click on the U-Tube video you want to see.  Please share them with your friends.



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